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Well hello! Heather here, owner and lead designer of Heart + Soul Floral

You know that amazing feeling you got when you knew you found The One? As luck would have it I got that feeling twice - once with my favorite person in the world, my husband Eric, and once when I designed with flowers for the first time. For me, flowers are my forever. I can't get enough - the colors, the textures, the way they transform a room or bring a bride to tears the first time she sees her bouquet. I'm completely obsessed and I'm not afraid to say it.

My obsession leads me to constantly explore new and innovative ways to utilize flowers for weddings and events. Flowers can touch so many unexpected elements of a wedding - trailing across a bride's updo, accenting the backdrop of a photo booth, or adorning a welcome sign as guests enter the reception.  

Heart + Soul was born to help tell the story of your wedding. You spend so much time and attention planning your wedding down to the last detail and we will make sure your florals are no exception.